Play Jackpot Slots in Ireland’s newest Online Casino

What is a jackpot, how do the games perform, and how do you win? These questions and a whole lot more will be lined up in this guide to Jackpot Slots. We will be giving you the answers and to all those new to this breed of game, we will give you a comprehensive insight into these extravagant online slot machines. Jackpot Slots are hosts of the largest jackpot prizes that can be paid out. The real bonus is that at BangOn Casino, you are given extensive access to such jackpot games.

How do you Play Jackpot Slots?

Jackpot slots are a variant of the standard online slot machines that you will also come across throughout our casino. These jackpot slots come with the same gaming dynamics, so every jackpot game is formed of reels that hold standard symbols, but include symbols that will trigger the jackpot rounds. Games are all played using the Spin button, and you will have access to a paytable to notify you of the wins that can potentially be formed.

The jackpot mechanic is the additional extra piece of programming, that makes the games a distinct slot variant. The prize money can be triggered by playing a jackpot wheel which is firstly triggered by landing a bonus round or feature within the base game.

More often than not, jackpot games come with more than one jackpot to win. It is common for such games to host 2, 3, or 4 jackpot prizes, but more on this later.

To experience the world of jackpot slots inside our world of Bang On Casino, take these steps that will lead you from joining to jackpots.

  1. Register an account with us at Bang On.
  2. Make sure to deposit funds that will enable you to play any of the jackpot games.
  3. Head to our Games menu and open the Jackpots category to locate all the options.
  4. Once you have loaded a game, adjust the default betting limits to suit your cost of play per spin.
  5. Commence playing by pressing the Spin button.

What Is a Jackpot?

All video slot machines come with a jackpot, that’s the bonus of playing them. You are gifted the opportunity to potentially land the big prize. However, standard slots, and even Megaways slots all come with capped prize money. When you play the Jackpot variants, the scale of prize money increases. These Jackpots are often won through playing mini-games, which is where you will tend to come across the jackpot wheel to determine which of the cash prizes you will win.

How do you win the Jackpot?

It should be stated from the offset that Jackpot games are difficult to win. Luck is the determining factor and you are also up against the other players that have an interest in playing the same jackpot slots as you. The high-prized jackpot slots are just like online slot machines, so there is no change in the programming to formulate wins. They do tend to have lower RTP (Return to Player) scores, which is possibly intentional, as it helps the game to amass a greater amount of prize money. They also often come with a high volatility setting. This makes the gaming performance harder, dropping a few wins and extending the cost to play.

Take note: If you are playing on a limited budget, then Jackpot games or any other high volatility slot might not be the most ideal option to go for.

The gaming process of winning is down to aligning the right number and type of symbols to win the slots jackpot. Or you are required to land the right bonus symbols that can then lead you into the bonus round that gives you the opportunity to win the jackpot. Within bonus rounds, you might spin a wheel of fortune to decide which jackpot value you win, should there be more than one.

Now, we do have a tip for you, that most players tend to not notice. Pay close attention to paytable information. You will possibly read that to better access bonus rounds and to potentially win jackpot prizes it is often advised to play within the higher betting limits per spin. In the paytable of Mega Moolah™, perhaps the biggest jackpot game on the planet.

The Different Kinds of Jackpots at Bang On Casino

There are different kinds of jackpots out there to be won. The gaming concept isn’t just pigeonholed into a singular jackpot design. There are many jackpot slots to be experienced at Bang On, and for this section of our Jackpot Slots guide, we will take you through the different jackpot characteristics.

Fixed Jackpots

This kind of jackpot takes us back to the regular slots and can cross over into the world of ‘jackpot slots’. These are fixed or capped jackpot values that don’t necessarily need you to trigger a bonus round to then be in with a chance of winning. Fixed Jackpots can be won by simply landing the most required number of high-value symbols from the base game. With fixed jackpots within the realm of ‘jackpot slots’ the average prize money tends to be no greater than €250,000.

Progressive Jackpots

Every game out there in Casinoland has a jackpot, a top prize, but of all the internet casino games, the Progressive Jackpot is the biggest. These jackpot slots are seen by players as the Holy Grail, the must-win game, and this is because, with such jackpot slots, their baseline jackpot prize money starts at a million euros. With such a jackpot feature, there is no cap, there is no limit. The Progressive Jackpot is an evolving value that grows until the point at which it is won.

Like any other game, you are required to land the right symbols to trigger the bonus rounds from where the prize money can be won through a game of chance, like the wheel of fortune. The progressive games tend to have more than one jackpot prize. They often come with 3 or 4 jackpots that are labelled as Mega, Major, Minor, and Mini. Their values all have seeded amounts that tend to be noted on the paytable. This means, for example, that if the main Mega jackpot is won, it will restart again at x-amount and no lower.

Local Jackpots

Local jackpot slots are perhaps the rarer kind out there among online casinos. This is because the jackpot slots would have to be specific to one region or one casino. The perfect example of this can be found within online bingo games. As this is a niche gaming option within casinos, the jackpot prize money tends to only be won by those who are registered with the casino. You’ll be pleased to learn that Bang On Casino houses live bingo games in which the jackpot prizes can only be won by our members. Currently, we do not house any local Jackpot slot games.

Network or Pooled Jackpots

A network jackpot is opposite to that of a local jackpot. The game and prize money are synced no matter the game, the casino hosting it, and where the casino can be accessed. Simply put, if we use the example of Mega Moolah™, this game features inside of Bang On Casino. It also features in over 100 other online casinos. Now, the prize money is the same across all sites, meaning that you have millions of players all vying to win that same prize money. Every player that takes part in trying to win, is funding the same prize pot, whether they are from Ireland or New Zealand. To win the jackpot, it is again, a simple process of landing the right symbols to activate the bonus round, to then play the fortune wheel to determine your winning amount.

Multiple Jackpots

As already mentioned, there are jackpot slots that come with more than one prize. These are often part of larger progressive jackpot series. Such jackpot slots can carry 3 or 4 main jackpot prizes. An example of this is found within the WowPot series. The series comes with four-tiered progressive jackpots Mini, Minor, Major, and the WowPot. Each one has a seeding value, a starting point that when won resets.

WowPot jackpot seeding:

  • WowPot = €2,000,000
  • Major = €100,000
  • Minor = €50,000
  • Mini = €10,000

Benefits of Playing Jackpot Slots

Are there any benefits to playing jackpot games at Bang On Casino? Firstly, you have the entertainment factor. However, purely from a gaming level, the bonuses of playing jackpot are as follows:

  • Large cash prize
  • Multiple prizes
  • Large variety of themes
  • Tend to offer larger payouts
  • Available as demo versions
  • Can be played on mobile devices

When it comes to the subject of bonus aids, there are few cases of free spins being offered that are made eligible on such games. On rare occasions, you might find that the terms and conditions (T&Cs) of a bonus allow Progressive Jackpot games to be played with courtesy spins. You will, as you should, need to carefully read the T&Cs before using them.

What to do after winning the Jackpot during a slots game

Should you win the jackpot of a high-prized game at Bang On, then there are procedures for us to follow. First, we have to carry out verification checks. We make sure the jackpot game is not carrying a fault, along with the other jackpot slots in that series. We then check the value you’ve won to make sure that this is correct and that what we will be returning to you is the right amount. Such checks will take a little longer than normal. Once complete, we will then credit your account.

Our casino deposits are also limited to €10 minimum. Unfortunately, with withdrawals, you can only withdraw up to the maximum threshold.

Biggest Jackpot slots Wins in history

With so many jackpot slots available, the list of big wins is quite extensive. Here we settle for the Top 5 highest winning jackpot slots online.


Jackpot Game Payout Winner
Absolootly Mad: Mega Moolah™ €19.4m 27.04.21 Anonymous
Mega Moolah™ €20m 30.01.19 Anonymous
Mega Moolah™ €18.9m 28.09.18 Anonymous
Mega Moolah™ €16.4m 05.04.20 Anonymous
Mega Moolah™ €13.2m 06.10.15 Johnathan Heywood

Jackpot Slot Game Providers at Bang On Casino

As a casino, we do not make the jackpot slots you play. All games are provided by independent and licenced software providers. Not only do they supply all jackpot slots, but also hundreds of online slot machines and dealer tables for you to play on. The real bonus in joining Bang On Casino as your number one Irish platform is that you get access to the best developers in the business. Here is a brief introduction to each of the standout game makers giving you the chance to win an enormous jackpot.

Blueprint Gaming

One of the biggest gaming companies on the planet, without a doubt. Blueprint Gaming are responsible for the Jackpot King series, one of the biggest and longest-running, and we currently have one of their games with us. Wish Upon a Jackpot King™ joins our collection of jackpot slots that falls into the Progressive Jackpot category and currently has a max payout of €4.2m as their main jackpot.

The series by Blueprint brings about different kinds of jackpots. They include the Regal and the Royal Pot. The Regal Pot must drop by the limit of €39,676, and the Royal Pot by €3,967. The main jackpot of the game is unaffected by limits.


The Yggdrasil developer provides one of the video slots to our list of games and that is Ozwin’s Jackpots™. This is a standard capped jackpot game that comes with a limited payout. The maximum win possible is €24,000. The game launched in 2018, it comes with an RTP score of 96.7% and is a low volatility game. Of all the jackpot slots at Bang On it’s the one most ideal for players that are on a budget.


Irish Luck joins our jackpot slots from Playtech. This multi-award-winning developer is the mastermind behind one of the biggest Progressive Jackpot series called Age of the Gods™. The Irish Luck slot is one of the different kinds of jackpots that you can play because it is void of your more glamorous prizes. The payout is like that of a generic slot machine that comes with a capped jackpot. However, the prize amount is significantly higher than a ‘normal’ slot with a jackpot that is 10,000x the value of your stake. This makes the max win €300,000.

Pragmatic Play

At Bang On, you can play two Pragmatic Play video slots; Wild Spells™ and Caishen's Gold™. Both of these games come with different kinds of jackpots from what has been discussed so far. With Wild Spells™, you have three jackpots, Grand, Major, and Minor. Caishen's Gold™ has a fourth jackpot and for both games, their cash prize values are affected by the amount you are paying per spin. If you wager low, the jackpots payout will be low. Once you start to increase the values per spin or bet line, then you will increase the jackpot return.


The master of jackpot slots is without question Microgaming. This developer has won every award going and were the first gaming company to make a payout slot machine for the online casino industry. At Bang On, you can play a wide selection of jackpot slots made by them. Microgaming are the creator of the two largest cash prize series, known as WowPot and Mega Moolah. The Progressive Jackpot titles you can joyfully experience include the following: Mega Moolah™, Wheel of Wishes™, Immortal Romance: Mega Moolah™, Poseidon Ancient Fortunes: WowPot™, 9 Blazing Diamonds: WowPot™, Atlantean Treasures: Mega Moolah™, Book of Atem: WowPot™, Sherlock and Moriarty: WowPot™, African Legends: WowPot™. The payout of such games can climb into the multiple millions and are an absolute must-play option once you register to join our casino.


Eyecon is one of the newest developers online and we are supporting them by providing their video slots to you. Among the number of titles available at Bang On, you can play Enchanted Prince™, Temple of Iris™, Fluffy Mega Jackpot™, White Wizard Deluxe™, Shaman's Dream™, Unicorn Bliss™, Secret Garden Jackpot™, Twinkle™, Lost Island Jackpot™, Fireworks Frenzy™, Beat the Bobbies™, Xingyun BaoZhu Jackpot™. These are a mix of jackpot and standard slots with the cash prize being affected by the cost per spin.

Neon Valley Studios

The Neon Valley Studios is one of serval adopted studios that works alongside Microgaming. The most popular title is Queen of Alexandria™ which also is part of the WowPot video slots series. As we highlighted early in this guide, the WowPot has a four-tier jackpot system with the max payout currently standing at €4 million.

Triple Edge Studios

Another independent developer that now works with Microgaming is Triple Edge Studios. They have been producing many incredible games and their involvement within the progressive jackpot market comes in the form of Sisters of Oz: WowPot™. This slot is, in fact, part of a duo mini-series of online video slots dedicated to the ‘Oz’ world, the other game being called Sisters of Oz: Jackpots™. Again, with the WowPot involved the cash prize is relative to the four jackpots, with a max payout able to reach into the multiple millions.

10 Most Popular Jackpot Slots of 2023

At Bang On, you can engage in many different kinds of jackpot slots playing host to many different kinds of jackpots. Which of the jackpot slots are the best, which are the must-play games, and who are they made by? Well, here are the top 10 jackpot games based on their popularity of play inside Bang On Casino.

Game Software
Mega Moolah™ Microgaming
Poseidon Ancient Fortunes: WowPot™ Microgaming
Queen of Alexandria: WowPot™ Neon Valley Studios
Atlantean Treasures: Mega Moolah™ Microgaming
Stampede Jackpot Eyecon
Roulette: Mega Moolah™ Microgaming
Sisters of Oz: WowPot™ Triple Edge Studios
Book of Atem: WowPot™ Microgaming
Hold the Safe: Jackpot™ Virtue Fusion
Fluffy Mega Jackpot™ Eyecon

The Best Jackpot Slot Strategies

Is it at all possible to incorporate strategies into playing jackpot slots? Well, the answer is no. Built just like online video slots, the programming known as RNG (Random Number Generator) prevents any influence on the jackpot slots. If there were a way to easily win a cash prize, it would have happened by now and such games would no longer be made available.

Whilst there is no strategy to help you win a cash prize or to repeatedly land bonus rounds, there are ways to better your gaming experience. The best strategy when playing any casino game is to look after your finances and your finances will look after you. Ways to save money are plentiful online, and a first example of this is to use bonus aids like courtesy spins. Please note to read any bonus T&Cs before making any financial commitment to unlock them.

Secondly, the use of demo games helps players to determine the games they like and don’t like without having to pay. Use the demo games at as many times as you like and don’t test games with your money until you have determined your evaluation of them in their demo mode. Also, look for developers that seemingly have patterns in their play. 

Other Games to Play at Betiton

We are proud of our gaming service and while in its infancy, we believe we can cater to any player. Our services and features within the gaming realm will continue to grow and flourish with time. We have over a thousand regular online slots to pick from but, there are more potential ways to win real money than by spinning reels.

You can take your gaming to new levels and play classic casino games that involve playing cards. Within our Table games category, you can access traditional games like online blackjack and baccarat. We also host online roulette, with several variants of this game available. Bang On Casino is one of the few live casino Ireland platforms that also comes with live bingo games. We have 9 live rooms, each with their in-house jackpots. You can also take the enjoyment of lottery gaming further by playing many online scratch cards with us.

However you decide to engage with our services, please take note that gambling is first and foremost a means of entertainment and that the pursuit of a cash prize is won purely by luck. We provide our members with a Responsible Gaming service, which, in turn, allows players like you to self-impose limits on depositing money, should you want to control your betting limits. You can also self-exclude from our casino and take breaks for periods of time.

Our Responsible Gaming service also comes with contact points for and GamStop, should you wish to seek professional advice and tools to help you avoid compulsive gambling behaviour. At Bang On Casino Ireland, we put your wellbeing first.

Frequently Asked questions about Jackpot Slots

Are there any Jackpot bonus offers? Which is the best game? Do people really win millions? We get a lot of questions and feedback from our readership, so we have formed this little FAQ that discusses the most popular question raised regarding Jackpot slot machines.

What slots pay out the most on the jackpot?

Currently, the Mega Moolah™ series carries the largest of all the jackpot prizes. This is a four-tier jackpot game with Mega, Major, Minor, and Mini prizes. It is responsible for the most jackpot wins online and comes with the world record for the highest online payout.

Can you win the jackpot on slots?

Yes. These games are built to be won and to payout, so you have every possibility of winning but don’t forget that the odds are extremely difficult.

How likely are you to hit the jackpot on slots?

With the Mega Moolah™ game, the odds of winnings are 1 in 49,836,032. And remember, you need to be financially stable enough to play such games at the higher value per spin to trigger the jackpot bonus rounds more easily (as stated on the paytable).

All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Wins etc.) mentioned in relation to any game are subject to change at any time.

Welcome offer T&C's: New players only, €10 min fund, €2,000 max bonus, 65x Bonus wagering requirements, max bonus conversion to real funds equal to lifetime deposits (up to €250), full T&Cs Apply