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Unlock the Fun: How to Play Scratch Cards Online

Unlock the Fun: How to Play Scratch Cards Online

Online scratch cards are possibly some of the most underrated games at Irish online casinos. These traditional, minimal casino games are surprisingly fun to play thanks to their fun themes, easy-to-understand rules, and instant results.

Online scratch games have become a sensation in Ireland, thanks to software providers' constant innovation and improvement. With over 100 exciting scratch cards, each boasting eye-catching visuals, diverse themes, and a plethora of prizes that can be won, the world of virtual scratch cards is definitely something you might want to explore.

If you're a fan of lottery-style games like online bingo and keno, we think you'll love Bang On Casino's portfolio of online scratch card games.  This guide will explain how to buy scratch cards online and play them for a chance to win a prize. You'll also learn how these games work and where to find the best and most popular scratch-off cards with the best RTP rates.

What Are Online Scratch Cards?

Online scratch cards are the virtual version of physical scratch cards. The concept of online or virtual scratch card games provides much easier access to these games because you can buy and play them instantly at your favourite online casino.

The main difference between online and physical scratch-off tickets is that the former can be accessed easily anytime, whereas the latter must be physically purchased from a retailer.

How you play the game is largely the same once you've got your scratch ticket. A physical scratch card is typically scratched by hand using a small coin to remove the foil and reveal the symbols or numbers underneath.

These types of scratch card games simulate the satisfying part of scratching off the foil impressively well. You get a virtual coin that you can drag over the virtual foil to reveal what's underneath. Many software providers include the sound effect of a card being scratched and foil falling off to make the experience even more realistic. These small details enhance the game experience and make these games even more engaging to play.

Online scratch cards often give you several playing options, which you don't get when playing a traditional scratch ticket. For example, you can 'manually' scratch the card bit by bit or click the Reveal All button to get the result instantly. Some games also offer an Autoplay option, which allows you to buy and play a number of tickets automatically.

One of the types of online scratch card games that have been very popular at Irish casinos recently is slot scratch card games. These are scratch card versions of popular online slot machines, using the same theme, game characters, or symbols from the original slot game.

Popular Online Scratch Card Games

Bang On Casino offers an incredible range of more than 60 online scratch games and counting. We've partnered with the best scratch card game providers like Hacksaw Gaming, Flipluck, Virtue Fusion, and G.Games to offer our Irish members the best online scratch cards.

You can find all the popular scratch cards and new titles regularly added to the Bang On Casino portfolio. If you're not sure where to start scratching, allow us to share the top five virtual scratch cards which you can play at Bang On today.

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Fishin' Frenzy Scratchcard

Fishin' Frenzy is the scratch card version of Blueprint Gaming's most popular online slots series. Featuring the same underwater theme that players have come to know and love, this scratch game invites you to dive deep and scratch for a chance to find underwater treasure by revealing matching symbols.

Happy Scratch

One of the iconic scratch card games from Hacksaw Gaming, Happy Scratch is a vibrant and colourful game that's the perfect introduction to this game genre. All you need to do is scratch the gift box and hope for three matching numbers.

Break the Ice

Break the Ice is another Hacksaw Gaming scratch card with a fun ice theme. In this game, you scratch the ice to reveal the numbers floating in the water below and match at least one to the winning numbers above.

Mini Scratch

Mini Scratch is a minimal virtual scratch card game from the same provider with just six golden clovers to scratch off. If you match three numbers, you win a prize – it's that simple!

King Treasure

King Treasure is a stunning regal-themed online scratch card with captivating graphics and the simplest gameplay. This game involves scratching the fluffy pillows with the king's crown to reveal the numbers underneath.

How to Play Scratch Cards Online

Playing scratch card games online for real money is often a fun and entertaining experience because they're so simple and quick to play. If you've never played scratch cards online, you can rest assured you'll get the hang of them immediately.

Here's an easy guide you can follow to learn how to play scratch cards online:

  1. First, choose a reputable Irish online casino like Bang On Casino Ireland to ensure you'll get a fair game. Our scratch cards use a random number generator to guarantee random and genuine results.
  2. Next, choose your scratch card game. A few different types of online scratch card game types exist, but the way they're played is usually the game.
  3. Buy your scratch card by selecting your stake. This is similar to choosing your bet per spin in an online slot game. Many scratch card games also allow you to buy multiple cards at once.
  4. Once you've set your stake, it's time to play the game. Use the virtual coin to scratch off the image on the card, or click the 'Play' button to reveal all the symbols at once.
  5. If you reveal three matching symbols, you'll win a prize in the game. The relevant payout will be added to your balance.

It should be noted that the way you can win money playing scratch cards online may vary from one game to another. The most common scratch card game type is the Match 3 kind, which means you need three matching symbols anywhere on the card to win a prize.

Other scratch cards may have three winning numbers at the top of the card, and you'll need to reveal at least one matching number on your card to win a payout. Others may have only one winning number at the top. Finally, there are also some scratch card games with bonus features, although they're not as common.

Frequently Asked Questions About Online Scratch Cards

How Do I Know if Online Scratch Cards Are Fair?

The easiest way to be sure that online scratch cards are fair is to choose a reputable and licensed casino like Bang On Casino. We work with licensed and reliable software developers who create fair and 100% random scratch cards using a random number generator.

Can I Play Scratch Cards on my Mobile Device?

Yes! Bang On Casino Ireland is a mobile-friendly online casino, so you can enjoy all the best online scratch cards on your mobile device (Android, iOS, or Windows).

Are There Any Strategies to Increase My Chances of Winning?

There are some strategies you can use to choose the best virtual scratch cards with high RTP rates, but the chances of winning are always random. This means there aren't any tips or strategies to increase your chances of winning.

How Do I Cash Out My Winnings From Online Scratch Cards?

If you're playing online scratch card games at Bang On Casino Ireland, you can easily cash out any winnings you might have earned by following the steps below.

  1. Login to your Bang On Casino account.
  2. Click the 'Withdraw' button.
  3. Select your preferred payment method, such as Skrill, PayPal, or several others.
  4. Choose the amount you wish to withdraw. The minimum amount is €10.
  5. Confirm the transaction.

Please remember that before you can cash out any winnings, you must first upload the required identity verification documents.

Are There Any Age Restrictions for Playing Online Scratch Cards?

Yes. You must be at least 18 years old to play scratch cards online at Bang On Casino Ireland or any other legal online casino in Ireland. The same age restriction applies to any casino game available on our platform, including sports betting.